Customized Packaging

1. Customizing your chocolates orders :-

We are open to the idea of providing one centre chocolate piece in a box, which could be a logo or a tattoo of your choice. We are able to print very high-resolution pictures, logos or a symbol on the chocolate! This would be a white chocolate. There would be an extra charge of INR 15 per piece, but we would expect a minimum quantity of 20 boxes to fulfil this requirement.

These have worked very well with corporate clients while gifting or celebrating and event.

Wedding couples have celebrated their coming together with pictures on the chocolates.

Moms and young children delightfully give small boxes with a thank you message on a chocolate as a return gift.

Ladies who sell premium items at exhibitions and home sales often enclose a small box with a thank you or a logo with every purchase as a gratitude to their customers and patrons.

2. Customizing your packaging :-

Our boxes can come in different colors and sizes as per your order requirement. The colors we can offer you are black, brown, blue, red & our signature beige. We may advise you on some minimum functional aspects about packaging to ensure that the chocolates remain fresh and unharmed. We can also discuss different shapes & sizes based on the lead time and requirement of your order!

Do call us or come visit us for more guidance!

3. Flavour mix :-

This customization depends on the box that you wish to order and your overall order size. Depending on the size of your order, we could accommodate between 3 to 7 different flavours in a box! For large order we remain flexible and work to satisfy our customers who wish to place large orders and give us enough time to plan.

Do call us or come visit us for more guidance!