Our Story

Parriez is a company that has two people, one studio and lots of heart!

The two founders have been friends since their school days; and that was well over forty years ago. There is a deep bond of trust between us, a clear separation of roles which is at the very foundation of our partnership to offer the highest quality in Parriez. One man makes the other one serves!

We are both independent and successful professionals outside the domain of chocolate crafting. One is an engineer and successful serial entrepreneur and the other a veteran global corporate executive and now an independent angel investor and mentor to start-up ventures. These days we both add the word ‘chocolatier’ to describe who we are and what we do. We have never been happier and more proud of this title than any of the several we have held in our respective careers.

We have been handcrafting gourmet chocolates recreationally for well over twenty years. That is how long and painstakingly a journey it has been. We never really thought that we would end up running a business venture around Parriez. We would just make these chocolates from a small studio for our own enjoyment and some friends on a special request basis. We were quite successful with many expatriates who became regular buyers, but somehow failed to recognize this as an early indicator or a sign that we should move forward.

Today Parriez is a leading and fastest growing brand of handcrafted gourmet chocolates in the whole of Delhi NCR. How did this happen? Well there is a short story!

We were at a school reunion when our friends began to heckle us into getting serious about our chocolate ‘thingy’. Everyone was happily drunk so the heckling was emotional, relentless and came close to be menacingly aggressive. We got the message. Had some chaste abuses not used in the heckling we may not have taken the message on board!

Next day, sober and thoughtful, we decided to actually take this forward. Our first goal was to actually do an objective assessment of the real quality and worth of Parriez. So we went off to the market and bought several boxes of premium international chocolates. When we opened them we were horrified. Of the 10 different boxes we bought not one was worthy of consumption. They were all visibly tarnished and we would dare not try even one piece – not even if someone dangled a big prize as they do in the Fear Factor on TV. They were so badly off. We realized that were probably holding on to a box of most expensive organic manure in the world! They were stale well beyond the date of expiry which was masked by superimposed stickers with the date of import which was just a few months old – still unacceptable to us.

What perplexed us as to how and why did these boxes continue to stay on the shelf without any visible outcry from any buyer. We learnt that day that perhaps these boxes were seldom bought for self-consumption and it was more for gifting to a third person. And that the recipient of the box probably out of etiquette did not cry out to avoid hurting any feelings of a well-wisher. Hmm!

So money down the drain – but an important lesson learnt! We also chose to remain quiet. We laid the manure among the lilies!

But we did not stop there!

On our next trip overseas we loaded ourselves with a whole cart of premium chocolate boxes to do the comparative assessment with Parriez. More money spent but even a better and a more exciting lesson learnt. During the comparative blind product testing with chocolatiers, connoisseurs, foodie friends, life style and gourmet food experts and journalists we surprisingly came out consistently as the better product! Wow!!

The lesson learnt was that we were probably preferred not only because we used the best quality ingredients, using a proprietary recipe and process, but that we were fresh. We were what we call ‘cauldron fresh’. Make fresh, serve promptly and you will win!

So we now had the confidence that we have a winning product. But will people pay?

So we drew up a list of 350 who’s who from our personal and professional network. Folks we surmised were prospective and future consumers, influencers and thought leaders. We sent them a large box of chocolates with our compliments. THAT WAS IT!!

We were awash with calls and e-mails of gratitude and encouragement. More importantly we were snowed under orders that tested our stamina and capacity to its hilt. We worked day and night and increased our head count by 33% overnight. We were now three people!

As I said – THAT WAS IT!!

The word of mouth for Parriez travelled at the speed of craving by a deprived connoisseur for a good piece of chocolate. We are still reverberating with the momentum of those few actions we took. That was two years ago!

All our orders are on the basis of inbound request from a prior customer, consumer or a referral. And all our chocolates are still always made on demand, just in time, using the finest handpicked ingredients, following our proprietary recipe and process and promptly hand-packed and delivered.

That is why we refuse to present ourselves through the retail stores. That would defeat our core value; always cauldron fresh! And that also allows us favourable prices. No intermediaries asking for fat profit margins, no return of unsold goods.

Any other premium chocolate in a branded box is going to be made at a central location, using preservatives to artificially enhance the shelf life and distributed over a large geography using intermediaries and passing on the cost to you for unsold and returned goods too. That is where we are unique and totally different.

Please arrange to visit our studio and we would be happy to give you more insights about premium chocolates in general and Parriez in particular. And of course unlimited servings of chocolates! And there is only so much we can narrate in this one page. It is way more interesting while eating our chocolates with a great cup of coffee. So come please!