Partner With Us

Our chocolates are handcrafted on demand. We bypass retail stores to ensure we are always cauldron fresh! We would be very happy to invite you to discuss how you could become a Privileged Brand Ambassador.
  • What We Can Do For You:

    • Our studio would be your walk-in office, where you can come and host prospective customers with generous amounts of tasting samples!
    • We would provide you with promotional and marketing material and train you on ‘The Parriez story’.
    • You would be eligible for a 15% commission on any business orders your successfully execute and close.
    • Develop new products and packaging to cater to market opportunities.
  • What You Can Do For Us:

    • Partner with us to generate sales orders and business leads for large orders, corporate, wedding or other events.
    • Enhance our online presence in digital media; writing blogs connecting with influencers, key decision makers for business partnerships.
    • Help build brand partnerships for joint promotions, distributions, merchandizing and sales opportunities.
    • Share your feedback, suggestions and improvement ideas e.
    • Give us referrals to invite other like-minded Privileged Brand Ambassadors.

Call us or drop an e-mail to start a conversation!