Chocolate Stories

Chocolate Gifts for all Occasions

There are so many moments in life worth celebrating – your graduation, a great day at work, your sister’s engagement, a promotion, your parent’s anniversary or your best friend moved into a new house! These are all over and above our grand festive occasions such as Diwali, Holi, Valentines Day, Christmas or other occasions that spreads happiness and joy.

What I always seem to struggle with is finding the right gift for all these occasions! I always found myself searching and scanning websites, magazines and stores for the perfect gift. I had almost resigned myself to the fact that it did not exist, and I should settle for always giving below average gifts!

That’s when I decided that I wanted to put an end to this seemingly endless search. I asked myself, what is the best give someone could give ME? It should be something I can enjoy instantly and re-enjoy if I really loved it. It should be something personal and well-thought; something I could share with others (if I wanted!) and something that would bring a sense of happiness and satisfaction.

The only thing that ticked all those categories was a box of personally selected and delicious fresh chocolates - the kind of happiness that brings to people is unparallel! That’s when and old friend of mine from school and I got together and decided we would create a brand of chocolates that was all those things – fresh, tasty, hand-crafted and above all delicious!

We opened our Parriez Handcrafted Gourmet Chocolate studio in Gurgaon where people come in to handpick their chocolate flavours and variants. For larger orders, people often like to try and test a few before ordering.

We customize and personalize these chocolates for you, as per your preference and liking – because we understand how important that is!

We make boxes in all sizes suitable to the occasion. There aren’t too many other places you would find fresh, well-made gourmet chocolates in the Indian market. There is a plethora of highly premium, delicious retail brands that exist, but there is sometimes a personal touch that is lacking. Don’t you think?

We have over twenty rich and exciting flavours and the most exciting part is that when you’re putting together a box, you can not only choose the number of chocolates you want included, but also each and every flavour! You can make your own wish list chocolate box!

You want to know another secret?

We make these chocolates absolutely fresh, only after you’ve placed your order. That’s why the rich, soft centred ganache melts in your mouth instantly.

We can deliver to your doorstep and pride ourselves in being one of the few gourmet chocolate brands that can provide this option.

I would highly recommend you not only add Parriez to the top of your list for all gifting but also head on down to the studio for a day full of great conversations, experimentation and of course, a whole lot of chocolates!