Chocolate Stories

Mothers Day Celebration

For all Mums, Mother’s Day celebrates the one day that reminds you of where you are today and all that you have to look forward to.

Mothers deserve to be celebrated because they are always putting others ahead of themselves (even though my children tell me every day is mother’s day!) - it's designated spot on the calendar is the day that sons, daughters and husbands, can express love, gratitude and support. Very often a simple heartfelt message or a token gift of indulgence can convey it all.

Parriez Handcrafted Gourmet Chocolates becomes an ideal gift that’s made, keeping in mind the special people who touch your lives starting with a mother!

They are made with utmost care using the best and freshest of ingredients and no preservatives - just the way any Mum would want them to be!

With over twenty delightful flavors and shapes these premium dark chocolates with a soft center are a reflection of a gift well thought!,

Its great fun choosing flavors for your mum - would she like the kick of chili chocolate or the tangy citrus one? Would the hit of coffee or subtle almond flavors thrill her, or the nostalgic rose and pineapple ones? Would she be willing to experiment and enjoy the mint or blueberry or prefer classic old-school flavors like cherry, litchi or coconut?

Parriez provides you with the opportunity to handcraft your box of gourmet chocolates with all the care and personalization of what your mum would love!

We’re pretty sure your mum would absolutely love any of our carefully handcrafted chocolate flavors because, well, that's how mums are! They appreciate and love anything their children give them. But what better than a soft centered praline that leaves them with an entirely sweet taste?

You can handpick chocolate flavors that they would love and bring a smile to their faces. What better than a little self-indulgence for them?

We can create vegan chocolates and milk chocolates, if that’s what your mum would truly love. Our gourmet chocolate brand can deliver right to your doorstep as well.

For her you are special, and we at Parriez chocolates recognize that and make each bite-size chocolate special too just like your bond!

This Mothers Day make it only about Love!