Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is different about Parriez Chocolates?

Answer: Parriez are always fresh. You could say Parriez are always 'cauldron fresh'. That is a promise and a guarantee. We only process even the small batches on demand. Once we receive a firm order we prepare the chocolates and then promptly deliver. Parriez are not available in retail stores as it would be impossible to deliver on our promise of being always fresh. Freshness is at the heart of our quality and unique taste.

Q: How do your chocolates compare with other premium chocolates?

Answer: We do extensive blind testing among connoisseurs, chocolate aficionados, food bloggers, pastry chefs and prospective customers. We rigorously test Parriez with the comparable international chocolates available at leading retail stores, duty free outlets and online channels. Parriez consistently come out as the preferred chocolates. You may try this at home. We are always cauldron fresh and no one can match that. We only make against private orders and promptly dispatch to our customers directly. And we are less than half the price charged by comparable international brands in retail stores, duty free outlets and online. They can never match our handcrafting. They can never take and fulfil bespoke orders. They can never beat us on freshness.

Q: What is the shelf life of your chocolates?

Answer: Our chocolates must ideally be stored in cool dry environment, say between 18 – 25 degrees Celsius. In summer months it is advisable to store them in a refrigerator. If you do so the latter then please ensure that you allow them to rest in normal temperature for about 15 – 20 minutes before you bite into them or offer to someone. Treated this way our chocolates would keep well for several weeks. But the real honest truth is that no box no matter how big is generally consumed well within the promised shelf life. We have not come across any customer who has shown strong enough will power to outlast the shelf life of our chocolates! Furthermore, our customer feedback tells us that never in the short history of Parriez has a box received as a gift, been recycled further on to someone else. Every box regardless of the size is diligently devoured by the first recipient at the first instant!

Q: Why are you not able to deliver beyond Delhi NCR?

Answer: Our chocolates are made fresh using the finest ingredients personally handpicked by our Master Chocolatier. We do not add any preservatives or other artificial enhancers to extend the shelf life. In our opinion that interferes with the product integrity and taste. A true connoisseur would never forgive us if we did that. So to ensure that our chocolates remain fresh through the supply chain and logistics we arrange a direct delivery to the customers without any intermediaries.

Q.So you do not strictly deliver beyond Delhi NCR at all?

Answer: We can and we do selectively. For large customized orders for weddings, gifting, corporate clients or other special events and occasions we will deliver with prior agreement on the logistics and other terms and conditions. We have delivered large consignments to all major locations across India. We make special arrangements to cold chain pack them and then air freight them your address. We would have to charge delivery and related expenses extra on actual cost basis. Come to our studio and see, we pack them to the same specifications as critical and high value life-saving drugs! Honest!!

Q: I received a box with 25 chocolates in it, but I understand that you have other sizes?

Answer: Yes we have various sizes. There are standard box sizes on offer with four, six, twelve, eighteen, twenty five and thirty five chocolates units. We could look at other sizes too and this may require for to you come visit us at our studio and we could work out a customized package. That would require a longer lead time to plan. Please browse through our website to know more and write to us. We would be happy to set up meeting at our studio. While at our studio do please ask us to show you our select edition Centurion Pack.

Q: I received a box with 25 chocolates in it with five different flavours but I understand that you have more on offer?

Answer: Yes. We currently offer twenty different flavours in the Parriez ensemble. We will develop more. Please browse through our website to know more about our current range of flavours. You are very welcome to contact us and arrange a tasting session at our studio to experience the range of our flavours.

Q: How many flavours could I order in a box?

Answer: That depends on the box that you wish to order and the overall order size. Generally we could accommodate between 3 to 7 different flavours in a box depending on size of the order. This again could be a matter of discussions and planning at a meeting in our studio. For large order we remain flexible and work to satisfy our customers who wish to place large orders and give us sufficient time to plan.

Q: Can you print a message, a tattoo or a logo on the chocolates?

Answer: : Ideally we would like to keep the chocolates the way they are, handcrafted, gourmet and fresh. We are open to the idea of say providing one centre piece chocolate in a box, which could carry a logo or a tattoo of your choice. This would be a white chocolate. There would be an extra charge of INR 15 per piece, but we would expect a minimum quantity of 20 boxes to fulfil this requirement. We are able to print very high resolution picture, logo or a symbol on the chocolate. These have worked very well with corporate clients while gifting or celebrating an event. Wedding couples have celebrated their coming together with pictures on the chocolates. Moms and young children delightfully give small boxes with a thank you message on a chocolate as a return gift. Ladies who sell premium items at exhibitions and home sales often enclose a small box with a thank you or a logo with every purchase as a gratitude to their customers and patrons.

Q: Are you able to provide a different packaging or a box made to our design and colours?

Answer: Yes we certainly can. However that would require for us to meet, discuss and make the necessary arrangements. We may advise you on some minimum functional aspects about packaging so as to ensure that the chocolates remain fresh and unharmed. These are very delicate, handcrafted chocolates and they require great care while packing, storing, transporting and delivering. We will guide you.

Q: Do you only make small bite size chocolates? What about bars? Or other shapes?

Answer: We currently make only bite size, pralines (lovingly called bon bons). Our classic chocolates have a rich creamy, melt in mouth and smooth centre filling. That is our signature chocolate and most loved by our consumers.

Q: What other chocolates do you currently prepare?

On popular demand we have recently introduced three other chocolates for those who expressed a strong desire to buy them from Parriez. None of them have a soft centre ganache, but they creamier, richer and yes priced higher:

  • Bitter Premium chocolates – Our standard offering contains around 70% cocoa content. We could prepare chocolates with higher cocoa content, but take it from us it does not improve the taste or the eating goodness in any way. It will only increase the price. But for those who insist for a higher cocoa content we quietly comply with the request. These are always prepared on a special request basis.
  • Vegan Chocolates – There are very few people who would take care of the raw materials, process and supply chain to ensure that their chocolates are indeed vegan before they put that badge. This requires, pain, craft and above all integrity which we strive to consistently deliver. These are only prepared on a special request basis.
  • No Added Sugar – Please note that there is nothing called a sugar free chocolate. It does not exist. Sugar is an integral and organic part of cocoa unless you decide to consume pure cocoa mass which is 100%, well, cocoa. What we will give you here is that no sugar is added in the process of making the chocolates and only sugar substitutes have been used in the raw material that we use in the mix of cocoa paste, coverture, cocoa mass and cocoa butter. Hence the description no sugar added. This is closest form of ‘sugar free’ chocolate for those who wish to not consume regular chocolates with standard recipe.

Q: Can I order online?

Answer: Yes you may place an order through our website. However we prefer that you call us directly or visit our studio so that we are able to understand your requirements better. But we have a question for you – why would you order online when you have the option of visiting our studio and sample as much chocolate as your want – for free!!

Q: What are you prices like? How do they compare with other premium chocolates?

Answer: We have specified the prices on our website. Please note that prices could be arrived at after we fully understand your overall order size, flavour mix, and other requirements that may need customization. Please remember that packaging in itself is an important component of the unit price. Our chocolates use the finest ingredients and are delivered fresh; they still cost less than half the price of comparable international premium chocolates brands. We have low overhead costs, there are no intermediaries and we manage our inventory costs well as we only prepare and deliver on demand.

Q: If I want can I become a sales ambassador for Parriez chocolates?

Answer: Yes indeed! We would be delighted to sit down and discuss the terms with you. We already have a large number of very interesting on going conversations. We would be happy to include you in the programme. Just let us know. Call or drop in an e-mail to start the discussion.

Q: What is your Centurion Box?

Answer: Aha! That is a very exclusive specially designed box made from rare seasoned wood and is only made available on request. It contains 100 exquisite handpicked chocolates for home parties and special functions. The wooden box is returnable; we only have a few limited editions of these. We will be more than happy to showcase this during your visit to our studio. We have in the past delivered Parriez to select celebrity homes encased in the Centurion Box!